Thursday, January 10, 2008

That’s all you need

"That’s all you need to feel when you want to create something new. That’s the only affirmation that truly frees you to go with the flow, and to have fun while you’re doing it. Use your desire to set up your intent, ask, affirm that it is yours already and have a cup of tea, or go play! Lighten up. Leave it to gestate. Stop pulling up the shoots to look at the roots. Stop opening the oven. Stop standing in front of an empty shelf at the supermarket waiting for the Tim Tams to materialize. It’s NOT HELPING! In fact it’s hindering! Many of you have done plenty of asking, but are not making space to receive effectively. To keep noticing from a place of lack that you don’t have something you want keeps it away from you!"

~Shelly Sha'h'ana


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